Domestic and sexual violence are traumatic experiences that can have a profound impact on an individual and their entire family. Survivors often speak of the emotional scars that have been created as a result of the abuse. We provide free counseling services for adult and child survivors, and for children and youth who have witnessed domestic abuse.

Counseling is provided in a safe and confidential environment in which survivors are free to express their feelings, thoughts and fears. Our staff is specialized in counseling for domestic violence, sexual assault and sex trafficking survivors and can help men, women, and children heal from the trauma–from yesterday or from years ago.

Our professional, compassionate staff are here to help.

Kendria Armstrong, M.A., LLPC is a Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Therapist. Kendria works with clients suffering from  anxiety, depression, anger management, couples/marriage, bipolar disorder, trauma, and substance abuse using CBT model.