Congratulations Zoe, Employee of the Quarter!

Our employee of the quarter is Zoe!!! She moved to Michigan several years ago from a very small town in Greece. Zoe is a Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Counselor at Every Woman’s Place.

Zoe is most proud of her college degrees and stated that she would not have had the same opportunities if she had not come to the United States. Zoe aspired to do many things when she came to the U.S. Her opportunities and self- growth continued to thrive during the past 7 years.

Every individual person that fights for human rights inspires her. Zoe could not narrow down just one woman that inspires her because she said, “lots of women inspire me and just seeing any progress happen”. In talking with Zoe, it was very clear that she is fueled by her passion to help clients through their journey in healing. Zoe likes to live by the following quote, “you can do anything but not everything.” Zoe stated that this quote reminds us all to take a step back and focus on one thing at a time.

On her time off, Zoe enjoys catching up on sleep, self- care, family time, and going to the gym. She also typically chooses pizza for dinner, hands down. We are thankful that Zoe chose to write an essay about Every Woman’s Place (years ago) for her internship because that is where her journey with EWP began.  Congratulations Zoe on employee of the quarter!