International studies show that one in three women will experience abuse by a significant other in their lifetime, while 40% of all murdered women are killed by their husbands or lovers. These statistics are staggering, but Every Woman's Place and Webster House Youth Services are here to strengthen families. Our programs range from domestic violence prevention to youth programs geared toward helping youth make positive decisions about their lives.





How Am I Being Treated?

Do you ever feel like you are walking on eggshells to avoid upsetting your partner?

Does your partner put you down, call you names, or make you feel bad about yourself?

Has your partner ever made you do something humiliating, degrading, or embarrassed you in front of others?

Has your partner intentionally damaged your possessions or threatened to do so?

Does your partner make all the big decisions and/or control the money?

Are you afraid that if you left, you would be attacked, harassed, or followed?

Has your partner threatened your children, family, friends, or pets?

Has your partner ever pushed, shoved, slapped, kicked, choked, restrained you physically, or hurt you in any other way?

Has your partner ever used a weapon to threaten you or threatened to kill you?

Has your partner forced you to have sex or do sex acts against your will?

If you answered yes to any of these questions and would like to talk to someone, please call our 24-Hour Crisis Line at (231) 722-3333.